Pylons threaten our local landscape

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By David Rose
5th February 2024

CPRE Northern Lincolnshire have strongly objected to  National Grid’s proposed new high voltage electricity transmission line and associated works, between a new substation at Creyke Beck in the East Riding of Yorkshire and a new substation at High Marnham in Nottinghamshire.

National Grid’s proposed upgrade is apparently required to increase the capability of the electricity transmission network between the north of England and the Midlands. This will facilitate the connection of proposed new offshore wind that is planned in the North Sea.

The existing power lines do not have sufficient capacity for all the new sources of electricity that are expected to connect to the network in the future. However, the proposal to run more power lines, supported by pylons, across the area, has met with a storm of protest.

CPRE Northern Lincolnshire have strongly objected to the plans, especially the proposal to run power lines across the Isle of Axholme, which is being promoted as a potential Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (or National Landscape). We are arguing that if the new line has to be constructed, then the impact on the landscape needs to be mitigated by running the power lines underground across the Isle of Axholme.

The first period of consultation on the initial proposals has now finished and National Grid have recently published a summary of the responses, which include:

• Requests to use or upgrade existing overhead lines as much as possible and to bury the new line underground in places.

• The visual impact of the proposed overhead line was a common concern.

• Ensure a new overhead line would not spoil rural landscapes and potential candidate Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

There was further concern expressed about cultural heritage assets, ecology and construction issues. National Grid are now developing the proposals in more detail ahead of a Stage 2 consultation later this year.