Best Kept Village Competition

The Best Kept Village competition has been running in Northern Lincolnshire since 1976.

It is organised and run by CPRE Northern Lincolnshire and is open to all small towns and villages within that area. In 2023 we welcomed a new corporate sponsor, KCOM, the assistance of which has helped to make this year’s Best Kept Village Competition bigger and better than ever.

Thank you to all those villages who participated in the 2023 competition. We are pleased to make the following announcement of all winners.

Judging took into consideration a number of criteria with the emphasis on community involvement. Entrants were placed in groups according to their population size and those placed first, second and third in each group received an award. In addition, there were a number of individual categories which were judged separately.

  • Best kept Playground,
  • Best kept Churchyard,
  • Best kept Cemetery
  • Best Community Planting

Small Village

Joint 1st: East Lound and Low Burnham
3rd: Elsham

Highly Commended: Garthorpe and Fockerby and Redbourne

Medium Village

1st: Barnetby-le-Wold
2nd: Wrawby
3rd: South Ferriby

Highly Commended: Worlaby, Owston Ferry

Large Village

1st: Westwoodside
2nd: Haxey
Joint 3rd: Belton, Scawby

Highly Commended: Barrow on Humber, Goxhill, Hibaldstow, Kirton in Lindsey

Small Town 

1st: Crowle and Ealand
2nd: Broughton
Joint 3rd: Barton-upon-Humber

Highly Commended: Epworth

Most Improved: Winterton

Other Category Awards

Best Community Planting:

  • Small Village: Low Burnham
  • Medium Village: Barnetby-le-Wold
  • Large Village: Westwoodside
  • Small Town: Crowle and Ealand

Best Kept Churchyard: Amcotts

Best Kept War Memorial: Kirton in Lindsey

Best Kept Cemetery: Goxhill and Epworth

Best Kept Playground:  Broughton

Thank you to everyone who participated. We look forward to running the competition again in 2024.


The winners for 2023 were as followed:

Small Village

Joint 1st: Low Burnham and Elsham,
3rd: Amcotts

Highly Commended: Redbourne

Medium Village

1st: South Ferriby,
2nd: Barnetby-le-Wold,
3rd: Wrawby

Highly Commended: Worlaby

Large Village

1st: Barrow on Humber,
2nd: Belton,
Joint 3rd: Haxey and Westwoodside

Highly Commended: Scawby

Small Town 

1st: Broughton,
2nd: Epworth,
Joint 3rd: Barton upon Humber and Immingham

Highly Commended: Brigg and Crowle & Ealand

Other Category Awards

Best Community Planting: Low Burnham, South Ferriby, Haxey, Immingham

Best Kept Churchyard: Elsham,

Best Kept Cemetery: Goxhill

Best New Entrant: East Lound

Most Improved Village: Althorpe, Ulceby

Best Kept Playground: Owston Ferry

A detailed score sheet can be downloaded here.

Thank you to everyone who participated. We look forward to running the competition again in 2023.

2021 Results

Small village

1st – Low Burnham  2nd = Amcotts,  3rd = Elsham, Redbourne

Highly Commended – Normanby

Medium village 

1st – Worlaby   2nd = Barnetby-le-Wold, South Ferriby

Highly Commended  – Appleby Parish, Wrawby

Large Village 

1st – Scawby   2nd – Hibaldstow   3rd = Haxey, Westwoodside

Highly Commended – Barrow, Belton, Messingham

Small Town   

1st – Broughton  2nd – Waltham 3rd – Epworth

Highly Commended – Brigg, Crowle and Ealand, Immingham

Best Kept Playground 

West Butterwick

Best Kept Cemetery 


Best Kept War Memorial

Crowle and Ealand

Best Community Planting

Low Burnham, South Ferriby, Scawby, Immingham

Most Imaginative Planting 

South Ferriby

Best New Entrant

North Thoresby

Most Improved 

Barton upon Humber, Kirton in Lindsey

Congratulations to all entrants in 2021 – it was a very high standard this year

We are always keen to welcome new entrants.

For more information about Best Kept Villages contact: