Greater Lincolnshire Devolution Deal

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By David Rose
5th February 2024

Whilst the main focus for the devolution deal is on transport, skills and training, homes and communities and economic growth,there is also a significant emphasis on the environment.

The deal gives the opportunity to adopt innovative local proposals to deliver action on climate change and the UK’s net zero targets. Greater Lincolnshire is committed to establishing one of the UK’s first net zero carbon industrial clusters by 2040, which aims to capture and store carbon dioxide emissions as well as developing blue and green hydrogen infrastructure and production.

Managing water as an asset, is important to the area’s communities in mitigating the threat of coastal erosion and flooding across our area. Greater Lincolnshire has ambitions to become a rural innovation test-bed for energy and water management and Defra will endorse the creation of an Enhanced Partnership to support this ambition.

The deal will boost the Local Nature Recovery Strategy and there will also be the creation of a Coastal Partnership which will include the Humber and key wildlife sites.

The proposals for the Greater Lincolnshire devolution deal are currently out for consultation until the end of January and the relevant details and consultation form can be found on Lincolnshire County Council website.

Greater Lincolnshire Devolution Deal