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Litter in Northern Lincolnshire

Litter in Northern Lincolnshire Photo @ CPRE Northern Lincolnshire

Volunteers carry out litter picks across northern Lincolnshire.

This group has recently just spent time collecting litter in Brigg. Northern Lincolnshire CPRE group organises litter picks throughout the region in order to try and stay on top of this demanding issue. The branch encourages local groups to hold litter picks by providing equipment, free of charge, for them to use in an attempt to keep Northern Lincolnshire litter free. We rely heavily on volunteers to achieve this and would be grateful for any support you could offer.

We believe education is paramount and that instilling a love of the countryside and the natural world in children at an early age would help tremendously in our efforts to cease this form of pollution. We actively support the campaign led by former CPRE President Bill Bryson through the national arm of CPRE which aims to stop the litter and fly-tipping that is spoiling our towns and rural areas.

For more information about hiring litter picking equipment in Northern Lincolnshire, please contact: Cath Farrell - 01652 633924 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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