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Wind Turbines within Northern Lincolnshire

Let's protect our landscapes Let's protect our landscapes CPRE Northern Lincs

Wind Turbines are a major threat to the integrity of Northern Lincolnshire's countryside.

Like other areas, northern Lincolnshire has been targetted by energy companies for wind turbines. The first built were a group of eight at Bagmoor to the north of Scunthorpe. More recently, 33 turbines have been constructed between Keadby and Crowle, which have an enormous impact on the local landscape. Seven turbines have been approved but yet to be built, nearby at Flixborough Grange.

In May 2013, a public inquiry was held to decide the fate of an area with the highest landscape value in northern Lincolnshire, at the Wolds above Saxby and Horkstow. RWE npower (now RWE Innology) wanted to construct 10x125 metre high turbines which would stand taller than the nearby Humber Bridge. After much delay, we heard in August 2014 that the Inspector recommended that the appeal be dismissed and luckily, the Secretary of State agreed. The reasons for refusal were those argued by CPRE at the Inquiry. These were that the proposal would cause substantial harm to the quality of the landscape, resulting in a significant visual impact. To quote the SoS: 'The development is inappropriate for this location within the landscape'. It has come as a huge relief to the local residents who fought the proposal and to CPRE.

In June 2014 another public inquiry was held to decide whether three turbines should be built at Winterton, adjacent to a large landfill site. The main concern here was the proximity to dwellings, made worse by the elevation of the homes. The Inspector's decision was to allow the appeal but the Secretary of Stae took a different view and dismissed the appeal.

In addition, there is a large number of one or two 'farm' turbines being applied for and mainly approved, bringing the total number of turbines across northern Lincolnshire to well over 100. 

The landscape of northern Lincolnshire is in danger of being damaged by these industrial structure which will be with us for many years. Significantly the Inspector said he did not consider the 25-year life of the turbines to be temporary when set against the average person's lifetime.. We need a realistic approach to renewable energy which provides the energy we need without blighting our treasured landscapes.

CPRE recognises the need to exploit a range of renewable energy sources, including wind power. However, the cumulative impacts of the proposed developments would be at the overwhelming expense of the beauty, character and the tranquillity of rural northern Lincolnshire.



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